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"Saving Lives in Rural West Tennessee"

TSPN’s Rural West Region cordially invites you to “Saving Lives in Rural West Tennessee”, scheduled for 9 AM - 3 PM on Friday,September 5, at the Jackson-Madison County Health Department, located at 804 North Parkway, ZIP 38305.

In observance of Suicide Prevention Awareness Month in Tennessee, our Rural West Region is spotlighting several emerging developments in the suicide prevention field, with segments on regional suicide trends, the Zero Suicide Initiative, the lived experience movement, cyberbullying, and new suicide prevention curricula and screening mechanisms. It will also feature a luncheon and continental breakfast. 

Five contact hours are available for participants. The full schedule is available on the conference brochure and the Eventbrite portal (

We are also seeking sponsors for this event; more information is available on the event sponsorship form

We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity for education, awareness, and enlightenment regarding suicide prevention in your community.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Suicide and Trauma, September 16

Hope Church in Cordova is hosting “Suicide and Trauma” on TSPN’s behalf on September 16.

This free event will help healthcare providers, mental health workers, and the general public respond to the problem of suicide and emotional trauma in their communities. It is also intended as an observance of Suicide Prevention Awareness Month in the state of Tennessee.

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